This piece was birthed from an encounter between an artist, Barbara Yontz and a scientist, Daniel Wolf Savin.

Daniel Wolf Savin and his team put together a novel experimental apparatus to measure in the labratory the associateve detachment probability for H and H- forming H2. This important atomic and molecular process has major impications for understanding the formation of the first stars.

Once the experiemental data was generated, Yontz imagined desiging a sound piece in response to the numbers. Attempting to find a way to allow this extremely abstract information to become sensory so that a viewer or participant might experience it, a sound piece and then a listening chamber was developed as a kind of 'womb'.

Growing out of the accepted metaphor, 'the birth of a star', the Star Womb imagines the universe as a maternal body out of which the first star was birthed.

The science must be precise.

The art is not intended to explain the science but rather to create a situation or event where this time and place that humans could never really experience can be embodied.hublot replica replica watches replica watches uk

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